Invited Speakers

Yasmine Belkaid (USA)
Control of multikingdom dialogue by Langerhans cells

Björn E. Clausen (Germany)
Post translational tubulin modifications control Langerhans cell morphology and function

Adelheid Elbe-Bürger (Austria)
RTN1A regulates Langerhans cell morphology and skin residency

Yonatan Ganor (France)
The neuropeptide CGRP controls Langerhans cells mediated viral infections

Nicolas Gaudenzio (France)
High-dimensional profiling of the skin: from basic science to drug development

Teunis B.H. (Theo) Geijtenbeek (Netherlands)
Function of human skin and vaginal Langerhans cells in viral infections

Florent Ginhoux (Singapore/France)
Heterogeneity of dendritic cells

Andrew Harman (Australia)
Examining the epidermal mononuclear phagocyte landscape

Avi-Hai Hovav (Israel)
Langerhans cells shape postnatal oral homeostasis in a mechanical force-dependent
but microbiota and IL17-independent manner

Juliana Idoyaga (USA)
Monocyte fate during conformal radiotherapy controls therapeutic outcome

Kenji Kabashima (Kyoto)
Activation of the pentose phosphate pathway in macrophages is crucial for granuloma formation

Eynav Klechevsky (USA)

Christine Moussion (USA)
Skin tumor arrays reveal local myeloid control of cancer immunity

Christiane Ruedl (Singapore)
Langerhans cell paradigm to be revised?

Elodie Segura (France)
Activation of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor by dietary ligands
dampens cutaneous allergic responses by controlling Langerhans cells migration

I-Hsin Su (Singapore)
Ezh2 expression in thymic dendritic cells prevents premature thymic involution

Patrizia Stoitzner (Austria)
The functional role of skin dendritic cells in tumor immunity:
how can skin DC be harnessed for immunotherapy?